A leading manufacturer of decorative plaster, innovative surface finishes and sculptural effects, Armourcoat has become an integral part of some of the world’s most prestigious architectural interiors. With an outstanding product range, Armourcoat remain at the forefront of sustainable decorative surface solutions.

Polished Plaster

A combination of ancient skill, modern materials, and refined application techniques, Armourcoat’s Polished Plaster is unsurpassed in hardness and quality. What characterises Armourcoat’s Polished Plaster is the individual touch that is found in each of its surfaces. The final appearance is very dependent on the hand of the individual applicator, making it possible to achieve stunning finishes.


Composed of crushed limestone, marble, and gypsum, ArmourCast produces stunning textures and effects with the look and feel of stone. These hard and durable castings can reproduce almost any architectural shape. The material allows architects and designers to innovate with sculptural forms in a way that may be expensive or even impossible using natural stone.


ArmourColor is a new division of Amourcoat, created form an ongoing development program committed to product innovation and technical excellence. ArmourColor offers a new range of high performance, interior wall finishes. The range an create the perfect interior for all functional and design requirements, making it an ideal wall coating for commercial and residential use.

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